Themes Science Fiction – Writing With A Plan — 10 Comments

  1. Being a novelist in the science fiction world I find the information in this article fascinating

  2. Not having any privacy in what we as a species send via email or social media scares me but also angers me.

  3. It is the most primitive right of the human race to decide what to write and think and I can’t facilitate the thought of it being taken away.

  4. The thought of being the only intelligent living species to me is not so far fetched. Up until now, there hasn’t been any proof that any other planet has anything living there that closely resembles our human intelligence.

    • Hi, Rebecca.

      As a Christian, I must agree with your message. Although many recent discoveries have led some to claim evidence of life on other planets, me thinks they kid themselves. However, this is the fun of using our imagination as a doorway to wished for possibilities. I appreciate your comment.