Submissions Guidelines For Rm Harrington Short Stories

Article and content submissions guidelines: Rm Harrington Short Stories seeks to purchase and publish science-fiction, fantasy and content-related materials. In the realm of short stories, we are open to reading all offerings. However, this website is operated under Christian principles. Take that as you may.

As to science fiction and fantasy related articles: we seek educational content with a focus on writing, book publishing, current events in the science fiction and fantasy environment, and other thoughtful content.

Prerequisite For Submissions, The Short of It:

Specifics of articles submitted for consideration for publication….

1 All submitted articles or short stories must be original content, owned by you as the one submitting the article or short story, and cannot have ever before been published in any format, digital or paper.

2. Accepted submissions, articles or short stories, unless otherwise defined, will be clearly defined as copyright protected. However, due to the nature of live web-postings, we cannot guarantee that your material will not be lifted and used on other sites. We do make a diligent effort to track down and rebuke such theft of your property.

3. While active on the Rm Harrington Short Stories website, your article of short story may draw ad-click revenue as a product of support to the ongoing upkeep of this website. Although you, as the author of a given book, may reap a profit from external sources, you will not partake in advertising revenue collected via resources on this website.

4. Rights. We purchase science fiction short stories, fantasy short stories and related article content. Payment runs from three to five cents per word. Rights purchased include first digital rights for publish on this website, as well as first print rights for digital and printed inclusion within any of our published anthropology collections. We hold the anthropology rights for six months. We hold anthropology rights for six months. We hold digital rights on this web site for as long as desired.

5. Payment. No story will be published before we work out a purchase agreement with you. Once the agreement is obtained, you will receive payment via the PayPal money management system within one week of the agreement.

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Submissions, A Deeper Look

Rm Harrington Short Stories makes no claim of ownership in any materials, books, posts and images or like content that users submit through the Service. However, any such content posted by users, including without limitation, All purchased stories and articles are posted under the controlling author’s byline.

We only look at original materials. Re-prints are not purchased.  When using our article submissions input page, you certify, represent and warrant to us that:

  • Your Submissions consist solely of work of which You hold absolute copyright as the original author
  • You hold full authority and rights to (i) enter into this Agreement, (ii) consent to us the rights of use concerning Your Submissions and (iii) freedom to post and/or edit Your Submissions to and on the Rm Harrington Short Stories website
  • You have not granted any exclusive rights to Your Submissions to anyone else
  • Your Submissions do not violate any proprietary rights or copyright conditions, nor do Your Submissions contain any libelous matter, nor invade the privacy of any person or entity
  • Rights to Your Submissions remain under Your control and have not in any form or format been sold, mortgaged or otherwise transferred to another party and that Your Submissions are free from liens or any other external claims
  • Your Submissions fully satisfy copyright requirements and are not a plagiarized work from any source
  • AND Where necessary, Your Submissions contain complete and accurate citations as expected for compliance with standard citation styles (e.g., MLA, etc.).


Rm Harrington Science Fiction Short Stories Online Article Submission

Additional Submissions Guidelines and Requirements:

Distinction between blog post and book promotional posts.

Content that is posted under the Rm Harrington Short Stories BookTable pages is defined as a book promotional post. As such, these post do not fall into the standard category of blogging. We do not purchase book promotional post. However, we do encourage authors to take advantage of our free to use BookTable listing features.

TO SUBMIT A BOOK PROMOTION OR BOOK LISTING YOU MUST REGISTER AS A RMHARRINGTON AUTHOR. Book promotions do not fall into the category of article submissions.

1. When a Book is SOLD via links on this web site, collection of any associated author revenue is between you and the associated sales hosting site.

2. While active on the Rm Harrington Short Stories website, your books may draw Amazon Affiliate revenue as a product of support to the ongoing upkeep of this website. Although you, as the author of a given book, may reap a profit from external sources, you will not partake in advertising revenue collected via resources on this website.

Purchasing of your work and all that stuff.

1. Submitting your articles or short stories to Rm Harrington Short Stories does not guarantee that your articles will be accepted.

2. Affiliate links Are Not Permitted! – Any articles or short stories that you submit to Rm Harrington Short Stories may not contain any affiliate links what so ever. If your article does mention other products or websites they must contain a direct link only to that website or product.

3. Author submissions of articles to Rm Harrington Short Stories, declare that you irrevocably grant to us the rights to purchase said article at a mutually agreed upon price to be paid to you as the author of said piece via the Paypal money management system.

4. Any articles that you or your staff submit must be your own work – You cannot submit articles of short stories that were written by authors other than yourself and/or your staff. You may not submit any purchased private label rights articles. You must be the author and copyright holder of any and all content that you submit. Ghost written articles are permitted providing that you are the only person now in ownership of rights to the article in question. Such articles must not be previously published.

5. Submissions of science fiction stories, fantasy stories or related article content does not guarantee that it will be included in the Rm Harrington Short Stories article directory. We always reserve all rights to reject any content for any reason.

6. Excessive use of abusive, vulgar, derogatory, sexually explicit, or profanity will not be accepted. This is a Christian operated web site. Although we do not expect all author’s to write with a Christian point of view, we do expect writers to present powerful, thoughtful and meaningful stories and content. We are not accountable for the content of books sold via outlets on this site, but we are accountable for the blog content on this site. If you expect to gain a publish on Rm Harrington Short Stories, make certain that your stories and other offerings remain free of abusive, vulgar, derogatory, sexually explicit or profanity.

7. Write in US English. We lack the time to deal with correcting poor translations.

8. Articles must advance common knowledge. Write to answer the questions that our readers might ask about a give subject. Seek also to provide the kind of content that other websites will purchase.

9. Short Stories must advance entertainment. This one is obvious.

Blog Submission Guidelines Posts Image10. No article or short story may contain more that two self-serving links. All links must be contained within an “About Author” box that you may add to the footer of your article. These links may be included in the body of the article, and stand in addition to the permanent “About The Author” box that is attached to each article. (BookTable promotions are an exception to this rule.) To acquire an About The Author box, you must register as an author of this site, and then complete the user info boxes..

11. Product or company reviews must be impartial in viewpoint. Articles that are written in the style of a company or product review must address the following issues: 1) The beginning of the content must state that this is a review; 2) The author must include a footnote that declares their association, if any, with the related company or product. Reviews may NOT include more than two company name-brandings within any 500-word range.

12. Taking of God’s name in vain, for any point or purpose ensures that your article will not be published.

13. By submitting articles to this website, you hereby authorize the administrators and editors to perform certain cosmetic changes as we deem necessary to make the article fit into our mission goals. If you do not agree to these conditions, please do not submit any form of content to Rm Harrington Short Stories Resources.

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