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Dear prospective Sci-Fi Authors Wanted writer.

My name is Rm Harrington.

I am the owner of an Rm Harrington Short Stories. I write books, short stories and web blog content. Thus when you battle to get your writing before the public eye, I understand your struggles, complaints and points of failure.

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Sci-Fi Authors Wanted is core to my Rm Harrington Short Stories publishing goals. Too many book promotion sites seem to be really all about making money for the promotion site. It seems every thing from reviews to FaceBook and Amazon advertising end up profiting the publishing sites rather than the writers. Rm Harrington Short Stories is about resetting the industry.


Take your sales to the Max.

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Science Fiction Authors Wanted Here


Fantasy Authors Wanted shows up on almost every book site. But then here comes the catch… You purchase a $5 to $40 review on Fiverr, and end up with some junk that is a direct steal from the book cover. You run ten days free promotion on Amazon and they reap Kindle readers while you get little or nothing in return. You run a $40 Facebook page promotion:

  • Reap 1200 “supposed” views
  • Catch four or five page likes
  • AND you do not even get a single book viewing.

Is this the life authors and writers deserve? Not in my book. I write because I enjoy writing. I also write to make a living. So…

What’s all this junk wherein a quality writer is expected to give everything away?

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How Sci-Fi Authors Wanted May Help Us Turn The Tide

I don’t expect this site to take the nation by storm. I don’t look to see every writer reaping great rewards. However, I do aim to provide a FREE book promotional platform. But in order to draw return website traffic, every site must offer information of value to the visitors. To me this means post FREE first time short stories, author tips, and guidance to new writers. We must also include ongoing access to author discussions, and a FREE Q&A section.

Problem… I cannot effectively perform all Authors Wanted tasks on my own.

In crafting a library that will help you and me move new books, authors wanted becomes an important tool within the library. Make your involvement a main feature in the Rm Harrington Short Stories blog. Set up a custom author’s page. Link back to any legitimate writer’s website. Use short stories or writer tips as a means to involve readers in your work. You will be listed as the author of any material you post. Like directly back to your website or to your Amazon book listing.

The Rm Harrington Short Stories library will be completely free to use. You will also receive free editing, as my team and I will review every post. Rather than rejecting articles or short stories due to grammatical errors, we will contact you with notations to help you fine tune the writing. Science fiction authors wanted, now.

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I do not intend to make direct profits from the library. Rather it is geared to increase the value of the website, thus helping all of us open a new and productive pathway to greater book sales.

Thus you ask how I will pay for this operation. Simple as is stated in the following disclaimer:

Rm Harrington Short Stories acts as a sales affiliate for Amazon and other book publishing sites. When your book brings in sales, the affiliate site has agreed to provide with a percentage cut of “their” take on the sale. As to you the author, the take of this site will in no manner affect your profits.

Rm Harrington Ezine Articles Platinum Author

I am striving to make authors wanted a legitimate enterprise. This is as much for promoting your works as my own. Therefore, I will make books sell. Sign up now

Tips to help writing short stories.


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