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Reading science fiction, fantasy and horror is all about finding that handful of special books that quicken the mind, the imagination and the need to turn pages. Although this site is open to any science fiction or fantasy author, many of the books are custom picks, tales specifically chosen by Rm Harrington and friends. We don’t bug you with excessive emails. We just post the books we like. We also craft a collection of free writer tips, articles and sci-fi short stories. Read them. Share them. Leave reviews and comments. And yea, be sure to tell your friends about Rmharrington Short Stories and the associated book reviews, book promotions and great links to excellent reader and writer resources..

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We are buying science fiction short stories, fantasy and horror

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We are seeking new quality sci-fi short stories. Payment runs up to six cents per word. Join up. Look under the submit link for the Online Article Submission page. Upload your story or science fiction related article for consideration. After review in a timely fashion. If accepted for publish in our blog, you will be contacted with an offer. Read more about Rm Harrington sci-fi, fantasy and horror Authors Wanted here.

Our Online Article Submission Form is a simple way to submit your Fantasy, Horror or Science Fiction short story. No registration or login required. Our pay scale: Three to Five cents per word, negotiated before acceptance and publication of your material. Author by line belongs to the writer. If you want to include an author bio, you must register with Rm Harrington’s fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories.