Voidstalker – A Tale Of Genetic Engineering
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Genres: Genetic Engineering, Sci-Fi
Tags: Fantasy, genetic engineering, Science Fiction, War, whyslider
Publication Year: 2017
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What glitters is gold, but beneath it is rot.Humanity has a sprawling interstellar empire. Advances in science and the resources of countless frontier worlds have brought untold prosperity to its citizens. But how much of this wealth comes from dangerous experiments with alien technology?As an elite...

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About the Book

Cover, Voidstalker, a tale of genetic engineeringGenetic Engineering in a Sprawing Interstellar Empire, “Voidstalker”

Genetic engineering defines “What glitters is gold, but beneath it is rot.”

In Voidstalker, John Graham Page awakens a new sense of interstellar excitement. No more “just another space tale.” But rather what happens when humanity has a sprawling interstellar empire. Advances in science and the resources of countless frontier worlds have brought untold prosperity to its citizens. But how much of this wealth comes from dangerous experiments with alien technology?

As an elite intelligence operative, that question plagues Gabriel Thorn constantly. When contact is lost with a mysterious research facility, he is sent to investigate. But he finds a web of secrecy and lies which extends through the corridors of power and industry, and finds himself unprepared to confront the ancient evil buried deep within.

A Tale of Genetic Engineering by One Who Enjoys Writing as a Hobby and Science Fiction as an Escape.

The result of eventually combining the two is Voidstalker.

A wonderful sci-fi with a concept that will blow the reader’s mind. Readers meet humanity at a point they have advanced greatly. They enjoy great wealth and prosperity, but where does it come from and how much of humanity has been sacrificed to attain this level of success? It’s when elite intelligence operative, Gabriel Thorn is tasked to investigate a mysterious research facility that has lost contact that his mind is blown by what he finds. It is interesting to notice the great pacing, the realism, and the wonderful conflict development. It’s as entertaining as it can get.
on November 12, 2017


Coolest Concept and Implementation, Genetic Engineering on Overdrive

Alien technology? Check. Intergalactic travel? Check. Wonderful story line? Check. Cool situations? Unique environments and places? This story has all of this and more. It is really deep, and is actually more than one plot line and even mian character, in a way, yet all of the story lines are connected masterfully and seamlessly and in a way I did not even understand was even occurring until a little bit into the bookl, and that was a delightful surprise. I was really impressed by the depth of the characters, the relationships between all of them and the world and environment building. It was highly enjoyable reading all of the interactions as well as the way the story ended, it seems to leave it really open for another book to be in the works and if the author plans on continuing and writing a full series, I will purchase it!
on October 29, 2017
Goodreads questions for John Graham

John Graham When writing the first draft, the most important thing is to actually get stuff onto the screen. For me, that means forcing myself to write at least a page per day regardless of the quality of what I write. The first draft by definition is the worst draft which means you’ll have to rewrite parts of it anyway, but first you need a completed story to edit in the first place.

When typing up the first draft, it doesn’t matter if what I type is grammatically correct or not, or if the characters are in a scene which isn’t necessary, or if I’m just piling in adjectives and adverbs to fill space. All of those problems can (and should) be corrected when editing the draft later. Before you do any serious editing or agonies over syntax or minor plot details, you should work on finishing your first draft first.

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