Shadow Prey (The Prey Series Book 2)
Series: John Sanford Prey Series, Book 2
Genres: Detective, Thriller
Tags: detective, Lucas Davenport, Novel, prey, whyslider
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication Year: 1991
ISBN: 0246137460

The #1 New York Times bestselling series. Lucas Davenport goes on a city-to-city search for a bizarre ritualistic killer. "Ice-pick chills...a double-pumped roundhouse of a thriller." —Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Paperback edition.

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About the Book

Shadow Prey Book coverShadow Prey — Indians Gone Mean On City Streets.

Shadow Prey, another Lucas Davenport detective hit. Murder. Butcher work. A slumlord, a welfare supervisor, and this just the beginnings. The butchering climbs to include: a rising political star executed in Manhattan an influential judge taken in Oklahoma City . One thing in common: Sliced throats with an Indian ceremonial knife. All incidents lead back through the Minnesota Native American community. Here exist a primal evil known as Shadow Love.

Shadow Prey Review (Lucas Davenport, #2)

Goodreads Reviewer of Shadow Preyit was amazing
The debut book in John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport series, Rules of Prey, was expertly done but still really just a high grade Thomas Harris knockoff with all the expected trimmings: ingeniously loopy serial killer, obsessed and messed-up detective hero, twisty plot full of investigative arcana. The follow-up, Shadow Prey, was something entirely different. Sandford, a former newspaper reporter, used his knowledge of the Indian population in and around Minneapolis to create a villain (or villains) with something like a legitimate grievance, and a larger plan that’s both ingenious and horribly poetic. In his new introduction for this paperback edition, Sandford notes that it is probably the least popular entry in his “Prey” series, but I think it’s second only to Secret Prey in terms of plotting and interesting psychology. One of the later novels, Sudden Prey, similarly uses a team of villains with understandable motives of vengeance, though to less telling effect.
Steven‘s Goodreads review Feb 18, 2009




The #1 New York Times bestselling series. Lucas Davenport goes on a city-to-city search for a bizarre ritualistic killer.



“Ice-pick chills…a double-pumped roundhouse of a thriller.” —Kirkus Reviews

From the Paperback edition.

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