Reflections of a Sojourner – A Journey Into Modern Christianity
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Illustrator: Shane Harrington

A Cry Unheard; A Mission Without Response

This book offers a pondering on pain and suffering. It reflects the mind of a sojourner, a visitor to this world, a stranger in a strange land, a Christian. It ponders what a man might see if he had vision into the world of spirits and devils, if he had a better understanding of God’s eternal plan for absolute goodness among all mankind.

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Reflections of a Sojourner: A Cry Unheard; A Mission Without Response

Perhaps I am foolish more so than most men. Perhaps unbalanced thoughts make me favor lawlessness. If so, then provide me with Scriptural evidence so that I might understand my fault. For if our legal system is uniquely fair above all others, if American courts are exclusively uncontaminated by this diseased world system, then I must accept that all offenders, even the simpleminded and the first time adulterous, are fully deserving of the maximum thrashing of forty lashes minus one. After all, we are told that men should not behave so as to

“… Suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters,” (1-Peter 4:15).

Through the course of my Christian journey, I have wasted much time on foolish arguments. Everyone gets some of it wrong. And the most dangerous Christian is he who is certain that he has never erred in any matters concerning the Christian truth. These are men who confuse self-righteous pride as a sign of humble confidence.

Reflections of a Sojourner, A Journey Into Modern Christianity

Thus I present those things given unto me by God. Perhaps they are merely meant for me. Yet on the off-chance that you too may reap some of the benefits, I present here Reflections of a Sojourner.

A Cry Unheard; A Mission Without Response

For every Christian, there is a calling. But more often than not that calling is but a cry unheard, a mission without response. Why?

Although the Christian walk can be filled with joy, there is much demonic resistance designed to ensure that you do not respond to the mission. In fact, I believe that the demons take great pleasure in pushing Christians into a calling that ignores the more important unheard cries of lost souls. More often than not, we get caught up in processes that overlook the primary mission. Thus we do works and deeds yet we remain behind for we forget the mission without response.

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About the Author
Rm Harrington

Rm Harrington
Author, content writer, programmer and web designer with a heart of Jesus Christ. First published works appeared in The ST Informer back in 1989. Other publishes include software reviews in Atari Explorer, short stories in The Charlotte Spectrum, and over 3000 paid content articles all across the Internet.  Current published short story works include The Bushmaster Tech Battles, The Clintonian Overlay, Trial Run, and others.

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