Overload: “Experiential Insanity”
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It was an unbearable loss, a suffering that perverted the real-world concepts of both man and wife. Now, insanity swells, a raging internal response to overwhelming hurt, confusion and frustration. Join this harsh journey that guarantees to stretch your comfortable concept of love, respect and endurance.

About the Book

Wherein lies “Experiential Insanity”

Experiential Insanity, the force behind the Overloaded mind. Herein we have another tense short story from the bitter-sweet mind of RM Harrington. In this life, we all lose something. We all walk at some time or another very near to the boarders of personality insanity. In this book, one man may actually cross the line.

Take the Overload journey. Experience the insanity. Slaughter the sheep. Ride in a worn out Ford Comet. Discover a wife’s wedding ring wrapped in paper and stuffed behind the toilet.

There’s a signpost up a head. It reads “Dad Lee’s.” And Experiential insanity waits on the inside, the outside and everywhere therein near by. Who will die? Who will find rest on the edge of overloaded emotions?

It has been said, “love is insanity.” Perhaps the better truth dwells upon the sensual overload that a distressed love can inflict upon a balanced and coherent mind. What happens when delusion supplants lucid thinking, when self-control gives way to self-destruction, when anger consumes the ability to think, to care, to endure this rage men call “love”?

Now is your chance to experience, experiential insanity.

Overload, "Experiential Insanity"


The Experiential Insanity within this book is not the Washing Post version of insanity as defined in “The age of Stream of Consciousness — and Insanity.” Rather than chatting about the daily patterns of Internet searching and such, Overload examines the fundamentals of internal struggle. How do human’s overcome emotional pain? Where are the limits of our actions? And once we pass a certain mark, are we even capable of changing directions?

And once we pass the point of experiential insanity, how does it affect our friends and loved ones. More importantly what is the effect on a loved one when he or she is the cause of the insanity? Will a friend intervene? Should a fried intervene?

All the answers abide within the mind of T.J. Vance, a man who has fully engaged the depth and power of Overload.

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About the Author
Rm Harrington

Rm Harrington
Author, content writer, programmer and web designer with a heart of Jesus Christ. First published works appeared in The ST Informer back in 1989. Other publishes include software reviews in Atari Explorer, short stories in The Charlotte Spectrum, and over 3000 paid content articles all across the Internet.  Current published short story works include The Bushmaster Tech Battles, The Clintonian Overlay, Trial Run, and others.

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