Mortal Prey, From the John Sandford Prey Series, Book 13

Mortal Prey, a purpose-focused killer with a heart for friends meets an intelligent and very lucky detective.

It began years earlier when a younger Rinkler was still an unknown under the FBI’s most wanted list. Enter Davenport who eventually uncovers the identity of the unknown killer. That knowledge almost costs him his life. But in the end, Davenport survives, as does Rinker. Clara flees and the killing spree ends.

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About the Book

Mortal Prey, a John Sandford Novel, 13 in Prey SeriesMortal Prey, John Sandford In Top Form

In Mortal Prey, author John Sandford brings Clara Rinker back into play. Only there is no playing here. This killer is for real. Purposeful. Dedicated. True to her friends. Deadly for her enemies. And still frightened by her perception of the Lucas Davenport luck.

It began long ago. Clara Rinker killed for money. She also killed to help friends. Lucas Davenport got in the way. Clara almost took him out. In the end, she fled. She settled in Mexico, had a good live in the making.

Then death entered her world from her side. Vengeance follows. As always, Rinkler is unpredictable. As always, Davenport is on her trail. It’s a little luck and a little detective work. It’s also an angry woman and a few, a very few, mistakes.

Mexican drug lords, U.S. law enforcement, a professional killer and a married detective whose wife is ready to deliver a new child into his life. Who lives and who dies. Mortal Prey will keep you guessing, hoping and on the edge of your seat.

Mortal Prey, book 13 int the John Sandford Prey series

It is not the first nor is it the last, however Mortal Prey ranks among one of the best in the series. A page turner that you will not put down. A villain to love and hate. But heroes that are also a bit on the wicked side. Read my custom Mortal Prey review.



Series: John Sanford Prey Series, Book 13
Genre: Detective
Tags: detective, Kindle Edition, Lucas Davenport
Format: paperback, Kindle, audio, hardback
Length: novel
ASIN: B000P2A472

List Price: 9.28
eBook Price: 9.99
Audiobook Price: 0 with audio subscription
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