Matt Vol II: Chaos in Dubai: (A Matt Godfrey Short Story Thriller Series)
Series: Ahmad Ardalan - Matt Godfrey Serial Killer, Book 2
Genres: Serial Killers, Thriller
Tags: Insanity, Short stories, thriller
Publication Year: 2015

Matt Vol II (Chaos in Dubai) is part two of "Matt" A Short Novella Thriller Series."They tried hard to stop me. But, even I can't stop myself"In the bustling city of Dubai, the new theater for his manic actions, Matt faces his worst enemy: a deep inner struggle for identity. Part of him craves the r...

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About the Book

Matt Vol II ( Matt Godfrey Chaos Duba)

Part two, Matt Godfrey Chaos Duba — Short Novella Thriller Series.

“They tried hard to stop me. But, even I can’t stop myself”

In the bustling city of Dubai, the new theater for his manic actions, Matt faces his worst enemy: a deep inner struggle for identity. Part of him craves the recognition a media frenzy and a new infamous nickname grant him, for he feels his murders are works of art that demand attention, but a love interest reawakens another part of him, reigniting an innocence he once carried within. Can love overcome hate in a city that prides itself on being a luxurious safe haven? As the end nears, which version of Matt will he be?

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Matt Vol III: Hunterman: (A Matt Godfrey Short Story Thriller Series)
“Am I being hunted?Think again. I am Matt, I am the hunter… “The dark trilogy reaches its ultimatum, as Manic Matt approaches The Feds to takedown Hunterman.Would they work with a serial killer for a better cause? Could The Feds trust a man, half the world is chasing? A psychopath of many faces?


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About the Author
Ahmad Ardalan

Author Matt Godfrey Serial Killer SeriesBiography Ahmad Ardalan

Ahmad Ardalan was born in Baghdad in 1979. At the age of two, he moved with his parents to Vienna, Austria, where he spent most of his childhood and underwent his primary studies. After his father's diplomatic mission finished at the end of 1989, he returned to Iraq, where he continued his studies and graduated from the University of Dentistry. As a result of the unstable political, military, social, and economic conditions in his home country, Ahmad decided to leave Iraq and move to the UAE. After facing difficulties to pursue his career in dentistry, he opted to pursue employment in the business world. Since then, Ahmad Ardalan has held several senior roles within the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, throughout much of the Middle East. His early childhood in a mixed cultural environment, as well as his world travels, increased his passion for learning about cultures of the world and inspired him to pen The Clout of Gen, his first novel. After eleven years of being away, Ahmad returned to Baghdad in January 2013 on a visit that was full of mixed emotions. Inspired by his trip to Iraq, he wrote his second novel, The Gardener of Baghdad.
Ahmad Ardalan did not stop there, as "Matt" his latest Short Story Thriller Series became available beginning 2015. The Gardener of Baghdad, opened readers' eyes to a different picture of the city they had heard of. With hope and love as his message, Ardalan released Baghdad: The Final Gathering.

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