How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate, Reviewed

An Amazon Associate toolbox of tips and instructions for any niche, including the book marketing niche

Authored as a book of real life case studies and examples that pertain to a real-world income as an Amazon Associate, the book by Chris Guthrie provides a reliable pathway to success. Although not specifically focused on the book marketing industry, I have found "How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate" a valuable tool in my efforts to provide a quality and self-supporting author website. I am not merely selling myself, I am also selling products within the science fiction and fantasy writing world. The process is never so simple and quick as people like Chris would like you to believe. However, the process does work.

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About the Book

Image Author Chris Guthrie Designed For Readers Who Want to Make Money as an Amazon Associate

Perhaps you want to become an Amazon Associate, but you fear a call for much work with little return. Been there and done that. It happens. We try one path and then another, putting in lots of time with little result. Many webmasters have taken the long and costly route to failed investments. You try the associate path and the affiliate path, but it seems that only a select few, the BIG Boys, end up making the money. In this book, author Chris Guthrie will help you understand how the actually make money in the Amazon Affiliate marketplace.


Amazon Associate Profit Guide

Inside this book you’ll learn practical step by step instructions on how to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program – Amazon Associates.

How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate is not for the experienced Amazon affiliate. However, if you are new to the process, this is the book that will help you find solid footing. As to the intents and purposes of the book, your niche is unimportant. Chris isn’t talking about niches; he is talking about how to get up and running with a WordPress site that can effectively help you make money in the Amazon marketplace. Basically, this book is your profit guide to the Amazon marketplace.

Is How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate the book for you. Unless you are crafting your first author’s website, I don’t know how well it actually fits your needs. Why? Well, the book is not so much about setting up and working with your Amazon Affiliate account as it is about building a website. However, it is free to those with a Kindle Unlimited account. So even if you already have a working website, perhaps it is worth a quick checkout. However, I would not purchase this book at a cost beyond the Kindle Unlimited free reading.

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No Nonsense Instructions For The Beginner Amazon Associate

To be a successful Amazon Affiliate you must know how to make it easy for prospective buyers to find their way around in the expansive Amazon marketplace. This means that you need a starting point. In this book, Chris writers to the beginner and to the intermediate marketers. The writing is crisp and clear. The instructions come as straight-up, no nonsense basic tips. Yet it is not for the simple-minded. Thankfully, Chris offers a bit of free aide in the form of a 10-day online course that comes as a bonus to the reading.

After all, the instructions are about Taking Action. So don’t stop at the beginning. We are not talking, “Get Rich Quick.” This is a writing that clearly outlines the challenges that can come with an online/Internet business. But it comes from a successful author, one who is willing to share instructions in a simple step-by-step process.

About the Amazon Associate / Amazon Affiliate Program

We all know about the Amazon marketplace, but let us not leave off a primer. In short, the Amazon marketplace platform facilitates sales to an end-user online customer base. As such, Amazon retains a referral fee from the associated sales. Thus as an Amazon Affiliate, you too can reap a part of that referral fee.

Learn more here about the Amazon Marketplace Retail Difference.

About the Author….

Chris Guthrie. Self-employed since 2009. Multiple self-help books in print. Main focus is on the strategies and techniques associated with his Amazon Associate online business successes.



As an Amazon Associate, this website reaps affiliate income from link-related Amazon sales.

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About the Author
Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie defines the online money machine as literally hundreds of ways to earn extra cash. His focus is on helping people drop the day job. But he also looks at matters of making extra cash. Most of his Kindle Unlimited books focus on strategies and techniques that have succeeded for him.

Chris Guthrie self published his Kindle book way back in the early days of October 2012. That primary book title... "How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate." He tags it as a book designed to explain how to earn money from the Amazon affiliate program. However, it does not quiet hit that mark.

The real focus is on how to craft a website that works as an Amazon Associate core center. So if you are new to the process, this is a great read.

His more in-depth reads include the likes of "How To Get More Amazon Product Reviews"

Here he tells us hot to get more reviews by emailing our Amazon customers with an ask for a product review. Do it manually one by one or automate the process. Either works for you.

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