Rift Saga Book 2, Covenant by Andreas Christensen

Covenant: A world lives. A forgotten colony on the moon. Salvation complicated by the arrival of even more survivors.

In a short rehash of words by Leif E. Dolan, a verified Amazon reviewer, Rift Saga Book 2, Covenant is about what happens when a discarded earth returns from the ashes. The world they thought was dying has survived.  It so happens that in such haste to flee, folks forgot about the colony on the moon. Now, those who got left behind have reclaimed that which was deserted. Problem is: everyone always wants in on a good thing. This is the exciting tale about the complexities that develop when long missing people return to a re-birthed homeland.

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Rift Saga Book 2, CovenantCovenant by Andreas Christensen, Rift Saga Book 2

Covenant is a followup to the exciting Rift Saga Book 1 science fiction novel, Rift.  Is this one, author Andreas Christensen leaps even deeper into the details of the rift society. Old characters return. New characters live. And the attention to character development and a greatly changed world pushes the tale into a strange new direction.

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In Rift Saga Book 2, Covenant Engages From Line One

Rising from the ashes of yesterday’s North America, survivors of the Fall great a new and wonderful nation. These survivors, descendants for the forgotten Lunar colonies, call their new home, Covenant. But this new nation is mired in the dominance of a few, a stronghold of Moon people with an iron fist of control. It is a world wherein the masses support the few and life for the poor is poor indeed.

This second book in the Rift Saga is set two-plus centuries after the events of the original earth Exodus. We begin by encountering Sue and Dave, characters with secrets that force them to run away due to a price on their heads. Covenant leadership must keep certain knowledge hidden from the masses. Dave and Sue are a threat to their long-term goals for maintaining world domination.

Meanwhile, the power struggles within the factions of the Moon people reach new heights, and a new development is about to set the world on fire.

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Covenant – Recommend Reading by Rm Harrington

A few sample reviews….

Too Short By Verified purchase reader Ms Velmaon, January 10, 2017

“I enjoyed this book. It is well written, however it is very short. It also ended at an awkward point. I’m irritated by the trend of stretching one book into a trilogy. I find that often the quality of the book often declines. I would rather read a short sample and then Buy the rest of the book. I will probably not buy the third book.”

A great read…. on, December 8, 2015
This is continuation of the Rift series is just as riveting as the first one and I am wanting more. This story is not way out there and could well be our future some day soon. Love the characters and the story-line that flows very easy. Not loaded with technical jargon that gives you a headache trying to figure out but works out very well.

Rift Saga Book 2, Covenant. Put this on the top of your reading list. You will now be disappointed.

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The Rift Saga Book 1, Rift, the Kindle Edition
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About the Author
Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen authorAbout Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen is a Norwegian science fiction and fantasy writer. His most recent work is Legion Rising, the second book in the brand new Legionnaire Series.

His popular series the Exodus Trilogy received rave reviews in both the U.S. and the U.K. and has been compared to classics such as Heinlein and Asimov. The Rift Saga is set approximately two centuries after the events of Exodus, and a reviewer described it as "Hunger Games on steroids". In a good way...

He is currently working on new projects, including a "second generation" story set in the Aurora universe, and the Legionnaire Series, a military science fiction series set in the near future.

Andreas Christensen has a degree

in Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his professional background is mainly from public service. He has a weakness for cats, coffee and up until recently, books so heavy he'd need a separate suitcase in order to carry them every time he traveled. Luckily, the world has changed, and the suitcase has now been replaced by an e-reader.

You can find Andreas Christensen here:
Website and blog: christensenwriting.com
Twitter: @achr75
Facebook: facebook.com/christensenwriting

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