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A Book Table, designed to satisfy the soul that hungers for great science fiction short stories and novels. Thanks for stopping by. This is the main book-table gathering place for viewing that select sci-fi listing promoted via RM Harrington Short Stories. Take a peek. We have labored long and hard in order to provide our vision of the best in sci-fi book listings.

This page and the book specials listed herein, is geared to help new writers release cheap books in a way that enables readers to save on cost and therefor increase their ability to get hands on fine books sold in a book specials market. But the fact is: Authors cannot release cheap books without taking a major loss in profits. To sell cheap books, writers must produce books in mass quantity. Thus both readers and authors come to the same conclusion. The only way to really discount science fiction books is by selling the book in a digitized format. So herein, you find options in nearly all formats. Take your pick of the best for you.