Black Haze –

Subtitled “Of Man, Ghost, and One Crazy-Is-As-Crazy-Does Woman”

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Hi, all. Looking for a few beta readers to take on my new 107000 words, science fiction novel. Need older males, I think. Although the book also features YAs, the style is in the order of troubled adults caught up in angry situations. I’m an odd bird. Some of my readers enjoy the book, but comment that it is not their style. However, readers of the Prey series by John Sandford may enjoy a science fiction twist on the same type of story.

This one features power-driven adults, coming-of-age youths, and villains from every side.
Title: Black Haze
Subtitle: Of Man, Ghost, and One Crazy-Is-As-Crazy-Does Woman.
Cover Blurb
In a world where Readers use a limited supply of ancient books to restore temporary functionality to a people overwhelmed by amnesia, two outsiders collide with space pirates, monsters, and each other. Randy Martin Dobson’s capacity to kill without empathy birthed the night armed strangers raped and butchered his mother. Every effort to alter his course ended with destiny circling and spewing carnage into his future. But in the geospace above the planet Tarsus, he encountered JP Anderson, a genius infected with a virus that threatened to destroy the last residues of her mental stability. Can a murderer and a crazy woman unite long enough to save a world?

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About the Book

Clintonian Overlay, How To Lie Without Remorse

Brian Escalating Violence – Second Encounter

Cover, Clintonian OverlayOnce inside, he turned to block his unwanted companion inside an open doorway. “How can I help you?”

The man shook his head. He looks almost sorrowful, Brian thought. But if so, the sorrow was insufficient to induce a holding back on any of the force of the punch that came right to Brian’s stomach, or the kick that felled his legs.

Lights flashed as Brian’s head struck the corner of a chair. Another few blows to his torso and the man appeared to be done. Wordless, he turned and left.

In spite of the ringing in his ears and the dark spots before his eyes, Brian had the presence of mind to push the security button concealed underneath his desk. He had long thought the device a senseless waste of government funds. Not now. Just pray it works.

He lay on the floor for a while, contemplating the underside of the desk and legs of his chair. He was sure of one thing: he was definitely in over his head.


Don’t stop now. Enjoy the full Clintonian Overlay concept.

Prepare for the unexpected. Expect excitement. Resolve the complexities of the Clintonian Overlay.

Book Details

Author: Rm Harrington
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Recommended Books, Science Fiction, Short stories, whyslider
Publisher: rm harrington
Publication Year: 2017
Format: ebook
Length: 30
Illustrator: rm harrington

List Price: 4.25
eBook Price: 0.99

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